Saturday, April 18, 2009

June Show!


A collection of young artists, displaying their work from June 5th-July 30th.


Kasia Gawkowska

Melissa Williams
Melissa is a travel and nature photographer. Photos in her portfolio include places such as Sierra Leone, Israel, Ecuador, various countries in western Europe and throughout the United States and Canada. Her passion lies in the experience of new cultures and the capturing of exotic and eclectic beauty.

Caitlan Nadolny

Tracy Lynch

Andre Rochester

James Day
A young male creature of disproportionate fortitude and an immense propensity for consuming didactic systems of flagellation. Transmissions are broadcast from End summary.

Matt Graham

Mark Robinson
""Born and ready in Connecticut, I studied and received my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. Initially interested in illustration, I found the art of watercolor painting quite enjoyable and effectually interesting. For the most part, I like to create compositions which require balance (but not symmetry), interesting color arrangements, and linear expression. Freedom of motion and vivid color splashes make the process of the painting as enjoyable as the finished project. On occassion I make my art subjective as well, usually representing buildings or obscure Americana. In this respect I aim to make the mundane or depressed areas of our nation beautiful. Along with this visual commentary, I try to incorporate an aura of mystery for the viewer to make a story with their mind regarding the area represented."
Contact Information: 860.218.4882


Anjre Kerr
"Anjre Kerr was born into an unsuspecting village of telepathic ferrets. Having become, over the centuries, extremely well adjusted to anything out of the ordinary, there was little hubbub concerning the event…in fact they celebrated by aiming a cannon in the vicinity of SOL, and its child TERRA, and sending him on his merry way. Which was just as well…a few days later, it came to the attention, that their entire existence was entirely in their imagination, and just like that they vanished with a sound like an imploding soap bubble. Young Anjre was placed in the care of a wise old salamander who taught him the arts at a young age. His hobbies include broken computers, rust and paris hilton. He has dedicated himself to the destruction of the jedi,the sith, skinny jeans, little wayne, and ugg boots. He is willing to settle for a fight with Yoda. Or Sharingan. He would really like a black and red Koosalagoopagoop."

Corey Pane
"Corey Pane is a self-taught artist born and raised in Wethersfield, Connecticut. He always loved art as a kid, then stopped after middle school, to really focus on music and other things, but came back to art later in high school. He got a job as an airbrush artist at Exclusive Linez in East Hartford, CT, after impressing the owner with his portfolio. He was fortunate enough to attend the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts in his senior year, which really gave him the focus he needed and helped guide him in the right direction with his art. He enjoys trying his hand at many different types of art while using distinct mediums. His first love and natural gift is to express himself through painting. He's inspired by all different types of people, cultures and what they're built upon; music, fashion, history, politics, etc... Check out"

Dan Rubenbauer

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